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Local food and cuisine of Mykonos

Mykonos behind the headlights of fun is hiding really refined tastes and aromas that travel to other images and traditions of the island. mykonos foodThe cuisine in the restaurants and taverns it might be eclectic with many ethnic flavors, but in many of the multinational dishes are used local products, such as local cheese and local sausage.. The tourism though brought to Mykonos a plethora of any kind of Restaurants with international cuisine mostly with a a mixture of Greek, Italian and French dishes.
On the island are clustered a number of very good restaurants. Fortunately, there is a trend towards the local products and local cooking. This is a trend that had become first rule also in Europe.
Of course it can't be considered local cuisine any momentary inspiration of the cook. The local cuisine of the Aegean are mainly materials, but is also a way of cooking and sometimes it is also the utensils.
It is diferrend if you cook fondue without the special heated stew pot, or Chinese stir fry without an iron Wok.
The local materials used in Mykonos cuisine is a series of products like Lousa (dried meat), sausages and kopanisti cheese, that require specific maturity period.