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information about Delos

lions of delosThe island of Delos located west of Mykonos . It has an area of ​​3.4 square kilometers . The island's highest point is the summit of the hill Kynthos . The island hosts the the Archaeological Museum of Delos . The island also has a small port on the west side , which serves the tourist boats that bring visitors to the site from Mykonos.

According the mythology Delos island connected with the birth of the gods Apollo and Artemis. For this reason Delos was a sacred place in ancient times .The myths says that Delos was originally a small floating island sailing aimlessly in the sea . When Leto , daughter of the Titan Coeus became pregnant by Zeus, angered Hera,his wife, which persecuted her and Leto could not find refuge anywhere. Then Zeus asked Poseidon to offer her shelter and Neptune immobilized the floating island thus formed Delos . In Delos, Leto found shelter and gave birth to two twin gods.

lions of delosDelos emerged from obscurity in the late 18th century, when it began archaeological research on the island. Excavations began in 1873 by the Archaeological School of Athens and continued the period from 1904 to 1914. Significant excavation was done between 1958-1975. Delos was declared in 1990 aa a world cultural heritage by UNESCO.

Getting to Delos
There are frequent boats sailing from the old port of Mykonos at Kambani promenade near the Kastro area.