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Shopping in Mykonos

There are numerous shops in the town of Mykonos including, jewelleries, fashion shops and boutiques, souvenir shops, new agencies, perfume shops, supermarkets, eateries and bakeries. In the majority you will find souvenir shops and clothing that are sail the usual staff you find all over Greece like postcards, cheap paintings, ceramics, white summer clothing and knitwear. From the local products most famous are the local sausages and the cheese, you can find them in local markets and butchers.

In the town you will find as well pharmacies, banks, travel agencies, mobile phone shops, mini markets and kiosks. there is a local fish market at the sea front that operates until 12 am.

Things to buy
Woven goods , jewellery , folk art ,Local specialities
Salted white cheese ("kopanisti") almond confectionery ("amygdalota"), fermented almond cordial ("soumada").

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