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Mykonos sightseeing

little venice of MykonosThe most beautiful places to Visit in Mykonos are located on the west side of the town. In the area of Little Venice, one of the most photographed spots of Mykonos, with cafes and bars on the sea side with sunset views and colorful houses from the last century with wooden balconies hanging over the sea.

A few steps further to the south after the small square of Alefkandra, the wind mills on the small hill are the main landmark of the island. The seven white windmills grind once grain from Mykonos and other near by islands.

church in mykonos townOn the low Kastro hill located the complex of 5 churches known as Paraportiani, a superb arrangement of whitewashed masses created over the centuries and now recognised as a national cultural monument.
Of particular historical and aesthetic interest are the medieval houses in this district of the town standing like a wall above the sea protecting the west side of Chora.

The Archaeological Museum of Mykonos contains finds from tombs of the nearby islands of Rinia and Delos, a rich collection of pottery from the Geometric period to the 6th century, sculptures, wonderful black and red pottery, vases and figurines. One of the most interesting exhibits is the Jar of Mykonos with relief scenes from the Trojan War.

wind mills of MykonosThe Folklore Museum brings together a number of collections of furniture, icons, pieces of sculpture and folk musical instruments.

wind millMykonos is also the home of the Nautical Museum of the Aegean, which has interest all of its own, located at the Three Wells next to the Agricultural Museum, and includes models of ships from various historical periods, rich collection of maps and other engravings, amphorae, navigation instruments, ancient coins etc.

The Three wells built in 1722 and secured the water supply of the town, the legend says that if you drink water from there you will stay forever on the island.

Very near located the House of Lena a representative middle class house from the last century with the all furnishings and equipment. It is part of the Mykonos Folklore Museum.

The Municipal Library located on the ground floor of the 18th century mansion of Kampani, it houses a rich collection of photographs, documents of the 18th and 19th century engravings etc.

paraportiani mykonosThe restored windmill on the road from the port to Platy Gialos, presents the traditional rural facilities and operations. It is part of the Folklore Museum Mykonos.

More than 60 churches are scattered in the town of Mykonos, some of the most interesting Byzantine churches are those of Agia Kyriaki, Zoodochos Pigi, Agia Eleni and St Nikolaos in the waterfront.

The countryside of Mykonos is a mixture of grey and green rocks ringed by prickly pear plants and little fertile areas carpeted with wild flowers. Here and there are tiny whitewashed chapels and windmills.